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Can I invite my friends?

Of course YES. You can send them an invitation to BaseConnect. To do this just go to cog in top right corner, click Settings -> "Invite friends" and then invite friends - using your email account.

If you are member of any student organization, you can also type addresses of your friends. Then click "Send" button. Your friends will receive email with invitation from you.

Invite team member - upload .xls file with emails

If you are already member of any student organization you can invite your whole team to join your organization on BaseConnect. It is easy and fast. Click on Edit button located under your organization profile photo. Then go to section where you can upload .xls file which contains email addresses you want to send invitation. Create a message you want to send or leave default message. System will send message to all email addresses from file. It is fastest way to get all members from your organization to BaseConnect.

Invite friends to an event

You can invite your friends to event you have created. To do this go to "Organization" tab on the left. Chose event and click on "Invite friends" button. Then select all people you want to send an invitation and click Invite. System will send invitation to all people you selected.