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Are you looking for full time or part time job?

Maybe you are currently working but open for new opportunities?
With BaseConnect you specify when you are available for employers to contact you!

How it works?

  • You tell us when you're available,
    and what Jobs you are looking for
  • We feature
    your profile to recruiters.
  • Recruiters contact you
    with suitable work offers.

What are benefits?

  • Your availabilityWith BaseConnect you specify when you are available for employers to contact you.
  • You save timeEmployers know about you and your availability on demand.
  • Work will find youSit back and wait for contact and offers from recruiters

HR recruiters from more than 20 industries are waiting to contact you.
Let them know about you and your skills!


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Most common questions:

Where I can add the date with availability and more information about myself?Just log on and click BaseConnect edit profile - there is a section "Are you looking for work" where you can provide the date of your availability.

How do recruiters interact with people?Recruiters from various industries can write a direct message to BaseConnect users. User then receives and email notification about the private message on messages BaseConnect.

How do I increase the interest so recruiters can contact me?Remember to fill in all sections in your profile, ie. Basic information (experience, section with foreign languages), Skills, Education, Projects Experience.

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