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Create project

Create Projects

With Baseconnect you can create, manage and promote all of you Organizations Projects.

Whether you need to create a project and promote it to the community, or simply collaborate with your team, Baseconnect make it easy. You can create a project and invite people to the team or you can promote the project where the community can follow, stay up to date, and comment on your project. Once you have created a project you can create related events and promote them to the community, this in turn saves you time and money and helps build a larger community following.

A project page on Baseconnect provides you the resources to develop a more recognizable brand in the community and to broaden your existing student following.

Imagine empowering your team to create new and exciting projects and related events. The result? It will result in being more efficient and allow for more communication within your team and greater awareness from other students in the community.