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Promote your Organization

With Baseconnect, the promotion features gives you more targeted results within the student community.

Whether you need to promote your organization, an event or a project, Baseconnect make it easy to build a targeted student following. You can build a public page for your organization, an event page or a project page and promote it among students.

With Baseconnect promotion features you have the ability to control the flow of information about your organization’s activities, project, events and announcements. By using Baseconnect your organization will save more resources and you will build more awareness about upcoming events, projects and announcements.

Imagine being able to add a new event for a project, and promoting it to the student network all in one centralized location. The result? Real-time promotion to the students that are interested in your projects and events, that results in lower cash expenditure, less resources and a larger volume of students attending your events. This also, empowers teams, and drives more motivation.