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Recommendation Program BaseConnect

How Does it Work:

BaseConnect has ambassadors and partner companies, and they work with the BaseConnect team to locate and recommend candidates for suitable employment positions.

BaseConnect exclusive group of Ambassadors and Partners have BaseConnect recommendation card or materials that include a special reference code (name + code like 0232).

When you will receive a business card or special code from our Ambassadors/Partners you need to activate the code, to do this sign up on BaseConnect and add an online CV. Once the online CV is active and complete, BaseConnect can refer these candidates (CV’s) on to outside companies, corporate companies who are looking to employ interns or graduates, students, fresh graduates or graduates with up to five years experience in specialized fields.

When a position is filled with one of our approved and authorized outside companies, then BaseConnect is paid a recruiting fee for such recruiting services. This fee, less any costs occurred, BaseConnect passes on a portion to both the Ambassadors/Partners and to the person who successfully was placed in a job. (employee)

How to Get Involved:

Go to and signup, during the sign up process in the “how did you find out” filed put the name and reference code. Like Anna 354. Complete the signup process and complete your online CV. If at anytime in the future you are selected for and successful in obtaining an internship or employment from one of our selected and approved companies you will be paid a job bonus of 2,000 pln and Ambassadors/Partner also receive a portion for recommending you. (The amount of money may vary depends on job position, internship, full time, part time. The amount could vary from 1000 PLN or up to over 3000pln).

To become an approved Ambassador/Partner please complete this application form. Please note, that we do have limited positions available.

If you have not been invited by an official BaseConnect Ambassador’s/Partners and you are looking for an internship or employment position, you can still register and apply to be approved for the self payment of 2,000 pln, simply signup on BaseConnect and use the self code “BC 235”

For Companies:

BaseConnect active recruiting program is part of a service we offer to companies who are looking to employ students and graduates. If you are a company owner or representative please contact us for more information.


Errors and omissions accepted. Terms and conditions of the recruiting program may change from time to time.